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2017 Antique Fairs

Do you need help with your buying trip logistics? Adam Crease Shipping attend all major antique fairs in the UK, Europe and throughout the USA. Whether you are going on a buying trip or attending an antique fair, Adam Crease can assist with the high level of attention to detail and expertise that you expect.


Event Date City Country
FHRA 23rd January Béziers France
Cipolat 24th January Montpellier France
Sodaf 6th February Avignon France
Sodaf 6th March Avignon France
FHRA 27th March Béziers France
Cipolat 28th March Montellier France
Sodaf 10th April Avignon France
FHRA 14th May Béziers France
Sodaf 15th May Avignon France
FHRA 18th June Béziers France
Sodaf 19th June Avignon France
Cipolat 20th June Montpellier France
FHRA 17th September Béziers France
Sodaf 18th September Avignon France
Cipolat 19th September   Montpellier   Italy
Sodaf 23rd October  Avignon  Italy
FHRA 3rd December Béziers France
Sodaf 4th December Avignon France
Cipolat 5th December Montpellier France