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Air Freight
With our wide selection of time-definite, guaranteed and cost-saving options, Adam Crease can meet your specialist air freight requirements for design furniture, antiques and fine art with confidence and reliability.

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Sea Freight
Sea freight offers more versatility and lower transport costs. Using our extensive international network we offer door-to-floor sea freight services for design furniture, antiques and fine art to or from almost anywhere in the world.

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Expertise and specialist handling from arrival through to departure is assured in our warehouses. We also provide temperature-controlled warehousing, to ensure paintings, and similarly delicate items, are kept in pristine condition.

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The security and condition of your design furniture, antiques and fine art is of unparalleled importance at Adam Crease. Shipment by air, sea, or road, requires distinct packing processes, which we can provide.

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Road Transport
Our high-tech fleet of delivery vehicles will comfortably and securely transport your design furniture, antiques and fine art to their destination.

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Physical Services

Adam Crease provides packing, shipping, storage and transportation services of design furniture, antiques, fine art and other unique objects. We pride ourselves in operating with unquestionable care and professionalism in every aspect of the shipping process. We combine speed, flexibility and value in our physical services whether you opt for road, sea or air freight. Our state of the art storage facilities can assist with your inventory control too.


Our customers are saying

“In all my career over the last two decades, Conall was the best delivery person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He was so full of courtesy and care, and was simply human. I congratulate you for working with someone like him. He’s clearly a huge asset to your company, and for sure makes you shine.”