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Terms and Conditions

All business is transacted subject to the companies’ standard trading conditions.

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Adam Crease Shipping

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Liability and Insurance

Adam Crease Shipping prides itself on its wide experience and expertise when it comes to liability and risk management. With a UK FCA-regulated brokerage and comprehensive insurance covers, it can offer entirely flexible arrangements to suit every client’s requirements.
Insurance arrangements and rules differ radically according to the legal requirements in each jurisdiction, so do talk to our knowledgeable co-ordinators or broking team to make sure things are arranged exactly as you wish.


Our customers are saying

“In all my career over the last two decades, Conall was the best delivery person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He was so full of courtesy and care, and was simply human. I congratulate you for working with someone like him. He’s clearly a huge asset to your company, and for sure makes you shine.”